Sam Gruber SALP Bar Mitzvah Project

A huge shout out to Sam Gruber for collecting a ton of donated equipment! Sam collected 65 sticks, 14 heads, 6 shafts, 3 shoulder pads, 2 pairs of cleats, 2 sets of elbow pads, and 1 rib protector for his Bar Mitzvah project. Way to go Sam, thanks so much for helping our project!

Original Board Member Featured in Delaware Online

Read about Feffie Barnhill, featured in the linked article by Delaware Online. Feffie has been vital to our project, sharing her knowledge of the lacrosse world and contacts with the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL). Click here to read the full article.

Isaac Aronson Supports SALP with Bar Mitzvah

Isaac Aronson chose to support The South African Lacrosse Project for his Bar Mitzvah. He raised $1350 by selling SALP t-shirts and shorts last summer. 100% of the proceeds were reinvested into SALP to support lacrosse as a tool for literacy. In addition, with support from his family he donated 10 computer tablets that are currently being used in The Waterberg Welfare Society's early childhood center, which is also located in Vaalwater, South Africa. Last summer, Isaac spent quality time in the community playing lacrosse with young children who are HIV+ as well as learning about other community programs such as Boys II Men which fosters positive role models for men in the community to be leaders, artists and teachers. He was deeply inspired by The Waterberg Waves radio production team that provides a public outlet for local artistic talent. After spending a few days in the recording studio he recorded the poem "Apollo" by Elizabeth Alexander, which he studied while at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. A new idea was hatched that art can be used as currency. The staff at WWS's Waterberg Waves radio station were give an additional micro-enterprise grant to produce a custom CD that would showcase and celebrate the talent of the community. We hope you enjoy this original soundtrack that was made in honor of Isaac's Bar Mitzvah project.

Waterberg Waves is a community radio station in Vaalwater, South Africa that started in 2010. Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS) has been granted a 5-year radio license by the independent communications authority of South Africa for the provision of a community sound broadcasting service.

Martha Robison becomes Director of Development!

We are excited to introduce Martha Robison as our new Director of Development. For Martha, The South African Lacrosse Project is a place to use her background in fundraising and non-profits to benefit children, one of her greatest passions. Martha grew up in Texas and attended Texas Tech University earning a master’s degree in education, which she has used to teach in private and public schools, raise two daughters, now 20 and 24 and as a baseline for 10 years of fundraising at the university level.

Baltimore became home in 2010 when Martha married a childhood friend who made his way to Baltimore over 27 years ago. Her love of children, education, sports and a healthy lifestyle makes the SALP a perfect place to combine her skills in donor relations and grant writing with the existing supporters and volunteers to make a difference in the lives of South African children.

Sports Her Way Donates 100 Pairs of Shoes

Along with 66 pairs of shorts, 176 pairs of socks, Sue Heether of Sports Her Way has donated 100 pairs of brand new shoes to the lacrosse project. This is the largest single donation of shoes we have ever received and the children in South Africa will be surely grateful. Cannot wait to see their faces this July when we bring these shorts, socks, and shoes to South Africa, many thanks to Sue Heether and Sports Her Way!

Team Honors Coaches with SALP Donation

Clash U9, an under-9 lax group in Charlotte, NC, ended the season by purchasing The South African Lacrosse Project keychains for each player. The team also honored their coaches by making a SALP donation in the coaches' names. What a great way to show your coach how much they meant to you—by paying it forward to kids halfway around the world!

Lacrosse at the Waterberg Academy

On the 7th of May 2011, the Lacrosse Coaches from Timothy House (WWS) went to Waterberg Academy to introduce the SALP. 29 learners in the school participated in the practice, they were reluctant at first, but we played the game and intorduced all the basics to them, they got so much interested in the game and they suggested that they should stop playing other sports, e.g hockey and rugby in their school and play Lacrosse.

Their Sports and Art Teacher suggested that we should come on Saturdays at school to play the game with the learners living in the Hostel and prepare those who are interested for Lacrosse camp in July. The learners have a lot of potential and very keen to learn, only for one day, they learned a lot of skills and they were able to apply them in their mini-games.

To date we will be going to academy every Saturday to practice and organise mini-matches with them and other schools. We are still practicing with other schools and since they were coming to the centre in the past few months, we will be going to their schools. We are targeting 120 learners in all 4 schools (Meetsetshehla Secondary; Mahlasedi Primary; Mokolo Primary & Waterberg Academy) including Timothy House.

North Colonie Capitals Donate Helmets

The North Colonie Capitals of the Albany NY area are pleased to be able to support the South African Lacrosse program. Since 1992 the NC Cap’s has given all children the chance to learn the game of lacrosse. Helmets, once used as loaners, provided all boys in the area the opportunity to learn the game without being held back by financial concerns. In the same fashion, this donation extends the usefulness of these helmets for a great reason.
Up until the call from the South African Lacrosse Program, these helmets had no home. The NCCapitals were glad to receive the challenge to support the program and extremely happy the old lids have found a good home and will be enjoyed once again.
Volunteerism drives NCCap’s youth program and without the dedication of such individuals as NCCap president Tom Julien, Vice Presidents Steve Hart and Mark Bette, the level of success would never have been realized. Similar to the South African Lacrosse program, it is great to see volunteers making a difference and the NCCap’s are honored to help.

Dallax 2011

We had an enormously successful fundraising event at Dallax 2011 on March 19th - thanks to Ashley Gersuk and WomensLax.com for allowing us to be a non-profit sponsor for the first-ever women's lacrosse event in Cowboys Stadium! We took t-shirts, keychains and Christmas ornaments to sell and sold out of everything, raising almost $3,000. Seeing our new video on the jumbotron was very exciting, too. Thanks to Matt McJunkin for joining us from Washington, D.C., and Rachel and Molly Mannes, SALP volunteers from Dallas. In this photo, Matt McJunkin, Harrison Hart, Rachel Mannes, Molly Mannes, Kip Hart.

SA Lacrosse Info Video

Many thanks to Gerry Hanlon for putting this video together for us, its great! Please send this to anyone interested in supporting the project!

2011 Newsletter for The South African Lacrosse Project

Please check out our 2011 newsletter containing updates and highlights of our activities this year! Click here to view:

2011 Newsletter

SALP Volunteer's Meeting 2011!

We are going to have a very special volunteer meeting for The South African Lacrosse Project on Sunday, January 30th at 4:00. Mary Stephenson will be here from South Africa, and this will be a great chance for everyone who has been to South Africa with us to see her again, and for those of you who have not met her yet to chat with her. Mary is the director of the Waterberg Welfare Society, the organization that we run our summer lacrosse camp through (http://www.waterbergwelfaresociety.org.za/). Let us know if you can make it for an informal meeting and update on our fundraising efforts and this year's camp, followed by dinner at 6:00.

If you have friends who are interested in volunteering, bring them along!

Thank You to the Shannon Family Foundation

We would like to thank the Shannon Family Foundation for their very generous contribution to The South African Lacrosse Project.

Bruce S. Shannon started the Shannon Family Foundation in 2005. Mr. Shannon lived in Naples, Florida until his death in 2007. He was a successful businessman with a philanthropic side. He started the foundation with the idea of donating money to local charities that may be suffering because of the many disasters that have occurred over the last several years. He felt that these events, combined with the downward trend of the economy, would lead to less money being donated to local causes.

We are honored to be the recipients of the Shannon Family Foundation's generosity!

Fantastic New Volunteers!

We have some phenomenal new volunteers in Wales, Wisconsin! Kristen Layo, Allie Behrend, Amy Gelhaar, Quinn Sousa and Katie Brueske have been out promoting SALP, selling t-shirts and keychains, and getting their friends involved. This past Saturday the girls worked the Gobbler tourney in Wales. They made a group on facebook and invited all of their friends to the event. They even took pre-orders for shirts and keychains. They look like they had a great time, and they raised over $1,200. Many thanks Kristen, Allie, Amy, Quinn and Katie (and mom Colleen Brueske!).

Biddeford Youth Lacrosse

17 Lacrosse Sticks Donated to SALP

We are so grateful to the Biddeford Youth Lacrosse league who sent us 17 girls' lacrosse sticks for the kids in South Africa. Located in Biddeford, Maine (www.biddefordyouthlacrosse.org), their mission is to use lacrosse as a vehicle to develop healthy, happy, confident, and well rounded children in the greater Biddeford community and to empower them to become better citizens through the lessons of sports, including sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, courage, and healthy competition. Sounds a lot like the mission of SALP - many thanks!

Harrison Hart

On January 16th we attended the U.S. Lacrosse National Convention in Baltimore. The South African Lacrosse Project got a terrific response from the vendors. Many companies have expressed an interest in helping us, including: Warrior, Adidas, Under Armour, Cradle Master, Kaos, LacrosseTravel, Lacrosse

Donations by Check

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