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Coaches of 2014

Boys Coaches

Matt McJunkin

Matt is a college junior from Washington, DC, where he first started playing lacrosse in the 5th grade. After playing four years of varsity lacrosse for St. Albans where he was all league his senior year, Matt is now playing defense for Sewanee: The University of the South. Matt started a program called Share the Lax, which collects used lacrosse equipment and uses that equipment to outfit teams in inner city Washington D.C. He also spends a great deal of time volunteering at various youth lacrosse camps in underprivileged areas of D.C. in attempts to share his knowledge of the game of lacrosse. Matt learned about SALP through his own efforts with Share the Lax, and he has loved every minute of his involvement with the program. He is excited to make his fourth trip to Vaalwater and head up the boys side of camp.

Harrison Hart

Harrison is Kip’s younger brother, and is co-founder of The South African Lacrosse Project. Harrison started playing lacrosse when he was four years old, and aside for playing in high school, he has played for both Kelly Post and Towsontowne lacrosse leagues. His favorite position is middie, but he plays wherever he is needed. Harrison is a junior at Towson University, where he studies phototgraphy and film. Harrison has gone to enough lacrosse camps and practices that he has had no problem spearheading the teaching efforts in South Africa!

Graham Gewirz

My name is Graham Gewirz and I am a rising high school senior at St. Albans School for Boys in Washington DC. I am currently an LSM/Close defender for the St. Albans Bulldogs. I have played lacrosse for the majority of my life, and it is a game I have come to know and love dearly. Lacrosse has brought my teammates and I closer together than anything else, and is the reason for many of our lasting friendships. I jump at any opportunity to play the sport, and was drawn to SALP through one of my teammates who had done the program multiple times and was overflowing with praise. Having never taught lacrosse to others before, I am excited to get to share my knowledge of the game with the children of the Vaalwater community and I hope that they are able to create the lasting friendships through the bond of lacrosse. It is a wonderful game, and I am very thankful to get the opportunity to share it with others.

Alec Laible

I was born in Syracuse, New York where I was surrounded by the sport at a young age because all my uncles and close relatives had played it. However I didn't really start playing it competitively until I was in 5th grade, due to the fact I was living all over the world until 5th grade. I lived in countries that didn't know what lacrosse even was (England, Australia and Italy). I played my high school lacrosse (JV and Varsity) at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, NY. I am currently going into my Junior year as a Biology major at The University of Scranton, where I also play Attack for the lacrosse team. I learned about SALP through my roommate/teammate Keith Vita. I became interested in the idea immediately. Although I have never coached a team or any camps before, I thought to myself what an amazing place this would be for me to start. And I know that with all these years that I have had with this great game that I can contribute something during my stay in Vaalwater.

Keith Vita

Keith grew up in Melville, New York, one of five children and started playing lacrosse when he was in kindergarten. He attended St. Anthony's high school on Long Island where he played lacrosse for four years, including two years on the varsity team. During his two seasons on varsity, the team finished in the top ten in the country, beating Chaminade both years to gain two CHSAA championships. After high school, Keith decided to continue his lacrosse career at the University of Scranton where he has just finished his sophomore year. He is a marketing major and entrepreneurship minor. Keith loves traveling the world and experiencing new cultures. He is extremely excited to spread the game of lacrosse and be part of the South African Lacrosse Project.

Chris Carfaro

Chris is one of three boys and grew up in Long Valley, NJ. He started playing lacrosse in 2nd grade and played his high school lacrosse at West Morris Central in Chester New Jersey. At West Morris, he played four years, three of which at the varsity level. He played close defense, FOGO and was named the captain of his team in his senior season. After West Morris, he moved on to play at the University of Scranton where he has most recently completed his sophomore year. He is a marketing major and after school, would like to move on to a career in filmmaking. Chris is excited to spread his love for lacrosse and experience the South African lacrosse project first hand.

Girls Coaches

Emma Harris

Emma was introduced to lacrosse in first grade when she practiced with the teams her mother coached, but she began to formally play in third grade. Once she was able, she played at the Elite level for STEPS and then later T3 Lacrosse. She played at the Varsity level for three years at Mountain Lakes High School and became captain of her team her senior year. She consistently coached camps and clinics throughout her high school career, including helping start the Lady Laker Future Lacrosse club in her hometown. Emma now plays at the collegiate level and is a midfielder for Skidmore College. She will be a junior next year and is studying government. This summer she is traveling to Australia for her semester abroad.

Emma discovered SALP last year by Google searching, “South Africa and Lacrosse”. She has always loved being around children and was drawn to the beautiful country of South Africa. Emma was lucky enough to travel with SALP last year, and cannot wait to continue to work with this program in the upcoming years.

Camilla Hayes

Camilla Hayes was born and raised in England and decided to travel to the US to attend University, she has just graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. At Maryland she played lacrosse for two and half years. She transferred from the University of California, Berkeley after they cut the program halfway through her sophomore year. She has been playing lacrosse since she was about 11, and recently has been a member of the Senior England Elite Squad. Plays anywhere on the field and prefers playing attack. She is currently a sports teacher specialising in lacrosse at a boarding school south-east of London. This is her second visit to South Africa with the SALP, it was an amazing experience last year and can't wait for this year!

Tess Mattimore

Tess is currently junior in college from Tiburon California. She started playing lacrosse in the 2nd grade and all of her siblings play as well! She attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco, California and was on varsity 3 out of her 4 years there. She was also named captain her senior year. Tess is currently a student at Skidmore College and plays lacrosse there as well. She is studying Business and International Affairs. Her siblings have played lacrosse at Dartmouth, Bucknell, and Cal Berkeley. Tess started coaching her youth club in high school and more recently has been coaching lacrosse camps around the bay area for the past 3 summers. Aside from coaching Tess has been working with children for a very long time. She volunteers at the Manzanita daycare center in Marin City. Tess got involved with SALP through fellow coach Emma Harris. SALP really appealed to her because she gets to work with children, travel, and coach lacrosse. This will be her 2nd summer coaching in SA!

Maggie Murphy

Maggie is from Huntington, New York and this is her second year with the South African Lacrosse Project. She was introduced to lacrosse in second grade. When she got to high school she played for the Long Island Express summer team and for the St. Anthony's High School program at both the JV and Varsity levels. She coached middle school teams during her high school career and coached her high school's summer camp. She now is going to be a junior at Skidmore College, where she played as an attacker for the lacrosse team her freshman year. Maggie heard about SALP through her friend Emma Harris, who went on the trip in 2012. She always loved traveling, volunteering, and lacrosse so SALP was a perfect fit for her. Maggie is looking forward to working with SALP in the future and going back to South Africa this summer.

Kelly DuPont

This past year, Kelly has spent a large amount of time collecting donations for The South African Lacrosse Project. She was raised in a town where lacrosse was a huge part of her life. Finding this organization has given her the opportunity to develop a love for this sport and is truly looking forward to camp this year. Upon collecting donations, she received 65 dozen lacrosse balls, some protective equipment and several lacrosse sticks. Kelly is an upcoming junior at Towson University, where she studies Business and Psychology. She is extremely excited to make her first trip to South Africa this year and help in teaching the girls’ side of camp.


Barbara Cox

Barb is Kip and Harrison Hart’s mother, and she is passionate about the work they are doing for the children in the Waterberg region of South Africa. Barb lends her many years of experience in fundraising and volunteering for non-profits to their organization, and has been amazed by the kindness and generosity of the many supporters of The South African Lacrosse Project. She looks forward to continuing the project’s scope in South Africa, and hopes that over the next few years they can expand their reach to other regions of this country that she has come to love. Cape Town and Johannesburg are currently being considered as locations for additional lacrosse camps.

Barb graduated from the University of Virginia in 1986 with degrees in Architecture and Architectural History. An Echols Scholar, Barb especially loved her final year at U.Va. when she lived on The Lawn.

When she is not working on The South African Lacrosse Project, Barb is a real estate agent with Yerman, Witman, Gaines & Conklin Realty in Baltimore. Her hobbies and passions include architecture and interior design, gardening, travel, music, cooking, and especially entertaining friends and family.

Kip Hart

Kip is one of the founders of The South African Lacrosse Project. Although he doesn’t have the impressive lacrosse resume of the other coaches, Kip played for Kelly Post when he was younger and really enjoyed the game. Taking up competitive fencing caused lacrosse to take a back burner, but he remembers the basics and has helped teach SALP camp for the past six years. He is very happy to have all the coaches' expertise to take our friends in South Africa to the next level! Kip received a B.S. with honors in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland and is working on a Ph.D. at Georgia Tech.

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