Lacrosse Camp 2013

Our 7th Annual lacrosse camp ended in July and was a tremendous success. We're working hard, stay tuned for updates about our 2014 camp!

She asked Harrison and Kip if they would be willing to play soccer with the children at WWS and they thought they could do more than that; they decided to teach the children how to play lacrosse.

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South African Lacrosse Project

The South African Lacrosse Project was founded in the spring of 2007 by Harrison and Kip Hart, middle and high school students ages 14 and 16, respectively. They planned to visit one of their former au pairs who is now the Programs Director at the Waterberg Welfare Society, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

With generous help from their community and local sports stores, Harrison and Kip were able to raise enough money for 130 lacrosse sticks and over 200 balls! There's also a Lacrosse Hut built at the WWS to store all their lacrosse equipment. To see more information about the lacrosse camp and pictures of the Lacrosse Hut, please visit our News page.

2013 Camp Updates

The 2013 Lacrosse Camp has already taken place. Check out our news page for updates throughout the year!

South African Lacrosse Project

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